What is a High Pressure Pump?

  Diesel engines and gasoline engines differ in the type of fuel they use and the method of obtaining energy from it. Diesel fuel cannot be combusted by ignition like gasoline. With the help of an injector, compressed air is sprayed into high pressure and combustion is carried out. Cylinders provide the increase in air pressure. The element that increases the pressure of diesel fuel is the high fuel pump. Its most basic task is to increase the fuel pressure (4-8 bar) coming from the fuel pump to 250-2500 bar levels. There are generally two types of high pressure pumps. Radial type and axial type. Radial type pumps have an eccentric rotating shaft in the center and a spring piston placed around this shaft at 120 degrees like a star. The camshaft, which takes its movement from the crankshaft, rotates and compresses the pistons and the fuel is pressurized in this way. In this high flow system, the pressures are relatively small. In axial type pumps, there are pistons in a cam